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    Reiki, which means “universal life force”, is a Japanese healing technique that can be used to aid healing of any physical, emotional or spiritual affliction and is a great compliment to conventional treatments and therapies. In fact, it is supported by many hospitals, including our own Cleveland Clinic.

    It is safe, natural, and feels great!

    The Level I Attunement Class (November 12 & 19) is an ideal introduction to this energy technique that not only promotes healing, but also is used for relaxation, to calm emotions, to reduce stress and pain, and to balance the mind, body and spirit. And this Universal Life Energy can be used to care for one’s self, other people and animals without fear of doing harm.

    The Reiki I class will include:

    • A Reiki Level I & II Handbook
    • The history of Reiki and how it can be used for self-healing or the healing of others.
    • First Degree Attunement
    • Opportunity to participate in Reiki Shares
    • Certificate of Completion (that will allow you to move on to the next level)

    At the end of this entry level class you will have the knowledge to perform Reiki on yourself, your family and your pets, as well as the foundation to build to the next level.

    Click here to register for Level I.

    The Level II Attunement Class (December 10 & 17) will increase the Reiki abilities that you received in Level I.

    The Reiki II class will include:

    • Learning the Reiki symbols and how to use them to expand your healing abilities.
    • Distance Healing
    • Healing unwanted habits
    • Level II attunement
    • Opportunity to participate in Reiki Shares
    • Certificate of Completion

    The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and practice.

    Prerequisite: Completion of Usui Reiki I

    Click here to register for Level II.

    Anyone can learn the Japanese healing art of transferring Universal Life Force Energy through your hands. Register now to learn the Natural Healing of Reiki and unleash your energy healing potential!

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